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A personal artblog where I'll be posting things I've done throughout the year(s). If all goes to plan, as you scroll downwards, you'll see my art steadily decreasing in quality. Improvement is all I can ask for.

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Permalink Not dead here.
Look, it’s digital. Yaaay. Yes.
Permalink December 2011.

"Stained glass window" installation

Installation done for college.

Wood, paint, acetate, crepe paper, blood, sweat and tears.

Permalink Crypt roof

Oct. 2011 (as goes for all the below Inis Oírr art)
Permalink Plassy (shipwreck) on Inis Óir.
Permalink The side of the crypt in the graveyard on Inis Oírr.
Permalink A collie on Inis Oírr that followed me - and wouldn’t stay still either.
Permalink The cottages beside the lighthouse on Inis Oírr.
Permalink Blind drawing, this time, of Inis Oírr’s lighthouse and the cottages nearby~